Win the Gold in the Laboratory Slot

The fact that some people in the world still hold to the belief that alchemy is viable is OK by us since it provides us with a fantastic setting for a video slot game. Quickspin, the creators, have given us the chance to transform our basic metals into enormous prizes by spinning the wheels of their slot machines. Gold Lab, a slot machine game, was developed specifically for this purpose. The Gold Lab slot machine is a popular option at online casinos, and every player who discovers it will want to play it.


Quickspin’s Gold Lab is one of the few free slots for fun that will make you as enthusiastic as any other game from any other developer in the e-gaming market. The Gold Lab video slot game is a five-reel, three-row online casino slot with twenty fixed paylines. The combination of alchemy, scientists, and cartoon images is an interesting one, and the game’s thrilling re-spins, payouts, and gameplay further add to the novelty.

The reels will spin on the outside of a large machine while the crazy scientist looks on enthusiastically from the left.

This video slot is similar to many others in that it features both high- and low-value symbols.

Gem of Red Color

Pink Jewel

Green Jewel

Blue Jewel

The less impressive symbols are four colored beakers, from green to orange to red to pink.

The wild icon in this slot is a huge gold „Wild,” and it acts as a substitute for all other symbols save the Golden Bonus beaker symbol which triggers the primary feature. Any of the standard beakers would work for this additional icon, which is surrounded by a golden border.

We all grew up with our favorite cartoon scientist from our childhood, and most of them were always up to no good. This slot machine game’s resident genius looks to be of the more helpful variety. He “only” wants to create a spectacular magic formula that can turn ordinary objects into gold coins. This is something that we slot gamers can fully support and comprehend, but the question still remains: can he pull it off?

The Gold Lab slot machine game is set in a sleek, modern laboratory, where a mad scientist eagerly awaits the results of his research with each spin of the reels.

The slot was clearly made with care, as it features a wide variety of appealing images and animations that are sure to keep you engaged. It is also quite clear in its layout. The sound effects are low key, and the only time you’ll hear anything is when you strike a jackpot, which can result in actual cash.

The 25 fixed paylines and 53 grid of the Gold Lab slot machine represent a significant departure from previous games of its kind. It has a gorgeous design and an intriguing premise, and it’s straightforward to understand for anyone who enjoy gaming. This video slot offers a wide betting range, from 0.1 to 100 credits, which should be more than enough to accommodate the budgets of a sizable fraction of the gambling enthusiasts out there.

The Gold Lab slot game’s additional features are a wild yellow icon and re-spins, the latter of which is a popular mechanic in a wide variety of video slots. Although the usage of re-spin mechanics has only lately spread online, when you stop to consider it, they behave similarly to the hold button you used to find on slot machines.

Scatter symbols award exactly four respin opportunities when three or more appear anywhere on the reels. You can get them on any of the first, third, or fifth reels. If you acquire any extra beaker symbols, they will all become wild for the rest of the respin rounds. It’s true that three free spins might not seem like much, especially if you only receive wild symbols on the first two, but it doesn’t take much for the next two spins to be worth a significant coin win.

Keep in mind that the RTP for Gold Lab is 96.06%, as mandated by the regulations of a casino operator named Quickspin. Amazing, to put it mildly!

A lot of fun, Gold Lab is of the same high quality as the rest of Quickspins’ slot games. Therefore, we urge you and other gamblers to give Gold Lab a go with real money.






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