Slot Review: Megaways by Spinjoy

Lady Luck Games, a Stockholm-based supplier, has published its first Megaways slot, Spinjoy Society Megaways, after reaching what it describes a “landmark licensing agreement with Big Time Gaming.” It’s the kind of interesting name that makes you wonder what kind of games are in store. Reality also had a role in dampening expectations, since studios tend to take it easy on their first Megaways slot. While it’s true that ‘previous performance isn’t necessarily predictive of future outcomes,’ we’ll take a leap of faith and let Spinjoy Society Megaways speak for itself nonetheless.

The first impressions weren’t very impressive. It’s springtime, and Lady Luck Games wants you to ‘Enter the land of Spring’ in their slot Spinjoy Society Megaways, so they put flowers in all the corners of the screen. The backdrop is also vibrant in that it morphs from one hue to another at regular intervals, adding visual interest. The company doesn’t seem very concerned with wowing players graphically with its debut Megaways title; the game is decent to look at, but lacks any really striking features.

Forget about the beautiful spring scenery for a second and help me wade through the technical details of Spinjoy Society Megaways. The return to player percentage is 96%, which is excellent, but the volatility is considered excessive. Players in most jurisdictions will also have access to a bonus buy option, with betting limits ranging from a minimum of 10 p/c per spin up to a maximum of £/€100 each paid game round. Spinjoy Society Megaways is playable on any device and has a win frequency of 32.70%, or little less than 1 in 4.

Regular ways wins are achieved when identical symbols appear in sequence, starting on the leftmost reel, on at least three successive reels. Because there is no horizontal tracker reel, the grid of reels you get is not the same as a typical Megaways grid. The maximum potential number of ways to win is 117,649, and the game uses 6 reels, each of which may carry up to 7 symbols. Symbols range in value from 0.8x the wager for six of a kind for the daisy-decorated 10-A royals to 4x the wager for six of a kind for the lemons, grapes, cherries, plums, and watermelons. Unlike the norm for Megaways titles, there are no wild symbols to be seen on the reels at any time.

Slot Functions, Megaways, by Spinjoy Society

Spinjoy Society Megaways, although including standard elements like cascades and free spins with a progressive multiplier, also has a coin win collect and gamble option, making it something out of the ordinary.


The cascade mechanism works by clearing the reels when each winning combination or coin is collected, making room for the remaining symbols to cascade into the empty spaces. As long as there are fresh victories or new Coins to gather, the cascades will keep going.

Success With A Coin

Any reel may receive a coin symbol worth half, one, two, five, or ten times the wager. Each coin symbol’s worth is added up when Piggy Bank Coin Collector symbols land. A win is doubled by the amount of Piggy Bank Coin Collectors that appear anywhere on the reels. The cascade function does not get rid of Piggy Bank Coin Collectors.

Option to Wager

Players who have just completed a successful spin or feature can use the gamble function to try to boost their winnings (or lose them). When betting, participants must determine the suit or color of a hidden card. If you guess the correct color, you’ll double your prize money, and if you guess the correct suit, you’ll double it. If you make a bad bet, you lose everything. Each player has the option of making up to four bets every round.

Bonus Turns

If you get 3 scatters, you’ll get 10 free games; get more than 3 and you’ll get an additional 5 free games. Each win, including coin collecting, during this bonus round will result in a win multiplier increasing by one. All coin wins are multiplied by the win multiplier. The last rule is that free spins may never be re-awarded.

Spend Money on a Bonus

Players can purchase the free spins bonus if there is an option. You may choose from 10, 20, or 30 free games at a cost of 60x, 210x, or 450x your wager.

The Verdict on the Slot Machine, Spinjoy Megaways

Organization for Delight in Spinning Things Megaways might be seen as a throwback to the early days of Lady Luck Game. The reason for this is that the studio’s very first online slot machine was called Spinjoy Society. The Megaways version of the slot game has some familiar features and a few new ones. The two games share many visual similarities, including the use of bold yet basic color palettes and the scattering of flowers throughout the screen. The two machines are distinct from one another in terms of gameplay.

Spinjoy Society Megaways is out of the ordinary, but not incredibly so. One distinguishing feature is a progressive win multiplier applied to the standard set of free spins seen in the bonus round. The usage of a collect function based on currency symbols is a bit of a departure from the norm for Megaways. While the concept idea isn’t novel, coin collections seldom appear in Megaways games. If you consider yourself a Megaways completist, you might want to check out Spinjoy Society Megaways. Bonus round coin wins with the win multiplier enabled did result in some respectable payouts. While we did not experience any particularly large wins while testing Spinjoy Society Megaways, the theoretical maximum payout of 20,000x does suggest some very large payouts.

Overall, Lady Luck Games’ first stab at the Megaways format, Spinjoy Society Megaways, was satisfactory. Even if getting a license from Big Time Gaming doesn’t completely transform the genre, it nevertheless causes waves in the market. Lady Luck Games’ decision to re-release an older title was not unexpected, nor was the studio’s decision to take things relatively easy in its maiden outing. Let’s see how the studio responds now that the Megaways secret is out in the open.






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